Do you want to learn more about what is in your garden?

I can come to your home and teach you about what is currently growing in your garden to make suggestions for changes you could make yourself, as well as teach you how to tend, prune and enhance the plants that you already have.

The Artful Digger, LLC

Garden design

Surround your home with lush, happy plants.  

I offer personalized garden design services to make either a new garden bed or revitalize an existing planting.

I believe in integrating native and exotic plants that will glow with color, texture and health while supporting local bird and insect populations.


Project based

I can come to your home for spring or fall clean up, as well as focus on specific projects such as redesigning your home's front entry garden, or reclaiming a wild side yard. 


regular maintenance

I can also come to your home at regular intervals throughout the growing season to keep your garden looking its best.

In addition I do edging, fertilizing, mulching, herbaceous pruning, transplanting, dividing and hand pruning of shrubs.  I want to help make your garden look its best.

I will haul away all garden waste generated on site.